A Traditional Media Boy in a Digital Media World

KippPhoto The world has gotten smaller—not just from my perspective as an adult, a husband, father, and advertising professional.  The world has gotten smaller on a variety of fronts and the shrinking agent – the internet.   With all the buzz about social media, I have seen the future and it has a hashtag# and a little “@” in the center of it.

Having spent most of my career in traditional media, I’ve made a tremendous leap and now work exclusively in the interactive and social media world.  Getting here wasn’t easy.  After finding myself on the wrong side of a company reorg due to this economy, I took a couple of months off, licked my wounds, and then faced brazenly into the wind setting off to find my new future.

I had my LinkedIn account, my Facebook profile, my resume and references all in hand. I applied for countless jobs online, contacted all my friends and professional associates, and networked as much as humanly possible.  In this new way of doing things, I was getting nowhere fast.

Then a couple of months ago I stumbled upon a job posting, in one of my LinkedIn groups, by a Social Media Agency called eWise Communications. It was an internship really, but what the hell. This was experience and something to do. I researched the company online and liked what I saw. I researched the owner on LinkedIn and was impressed. Then I applied, sent my unique (not canned) thoughts about the position, and then crossed my fingers. I got it!

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was actually leveraging social media like a pro.  In fact, it was that honest (not canned) cover letter that got me the job—my specific experience was secondary and I now realize online opportunities come about for our clients the exact same way. My roe has since morphed into a contract position and, in my time with the agency, I have become a blogger, a social media strategist, and an evangelist of sorts. Not only have I learned how to maneuver around some of the key platforms, but I am figuring out how to inspire conversation that creates the priceless type of value-based chatter that works on the blogosphere.

Dare I say that I’ve trained my experienced “traditional media” eye to adjust to the key cues of opportunity within the social media landscape.  Now I understand that interest in others equals interest in you, and that the spirit of collaboration within social media platforms leads to business opportunity —you don’t need to ask for it. It’s a whole new world and, I gotta say, I am having a blast.

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