Social media is more than coordinating Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Activity

JMS-PicI am grateful that the news has been covering (and getting involved) with the ever-evolving social media industry.  However, the media tends to focus on specific  platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) versus really talking about the communication shift social media really represents as a whole.

As a results, I find myself interacting with a lot of people that truly believe that social media is simply the coordination of communication within these featured platforms.  In turn, this is making it harder to recommend the hundreds of other platforms (that don’t get as much news coverage) that may be a better fit them.  Furthermore our client’s senior management (who are often not familiar with social media) rely on what they’ve heard in the news and feel that any successful social media campaign MUST involve these platforms featured in the news—whether they make sense or not.

For example, I’ve spoken to several non-profit groups that want to do online fund raising.  Many think about the platforms they have heard about, but most don’t ask me about other more appropriate platforms like Care2 —a concentration of millions of non-profit groups/advocates looking to spend time and money helping charitable organizations.  They don’t ask me about MissionFish (on eBay) that allows sellers to donate to a cause and buyers to purchase products that pass along proceeds to a specific charity.

For the record, I absolutely love Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  However social media is much more—it’s about creating conversations with the right people online.  As you are putting together your social media strategy, think about that.  You’ll discover a whole new  world of platforms that will get you the results you are looking for —faster.

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